$4500 In Fines Issued To Couple For Refusing To Wear Masks in Coffee Shop

Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose has become very common in almost every city all over the world. People are protecting themselves more than ever, even though not everyone follows suit. Some people find this new way of living completely unacceptable, feeling that it is somehow going against their right to freedom. Some people disagree with it so much that they have started revolting against those who try to force them into wearing masks. They find it outrageous that they have been told they have to wear a mask in order to be safe from the virus. In some places, if you are caught not wearing a mask when asked to put one on, you could be fined or even go to jail.

The Biscotti Cafe

One such case happened yesterday, in the the village of Chelsea Québec. After authorities were forced to intervene, an Ottawa couple who refused to wear masks inside a Québec coffee shop are facing severe fines.

One simple regulation applies to all restaurants in Québec and Ontario. If you want to be waited on, you must put on a mask. This rule is simply a business’s way of following the guidelines required for them to be open. However, on Monday afternoon, employees at the popular Biscotti Café in Chelsea, Québec, were confronted with a couple who flatly refused.

According to Isaac Lauzon, the director of operations for the Chelsea Pub and part of the management team at the Biscotti Café, the pair refused to leave after refusing masks offered to them by the workers. As a lady was filming the incident, the couple became hostile and began to intimidate the workers and the customers. The supervisor dialed 911. The police quickly arrived in the area, stopped the couple in their car, and gave them fines amounting to $4500.

Sgt. Martin Fournel, of the MRC des Collines police, said that they’ve had their share of events like that in the last 18 months. However, authorities claim that such incidents have become less common recently, and that they only have to intercede on infrequent occasions.

Lauzon complimented both the police and the employees on their actions, adding that the village’s many stores and restaurants are working together to make guests happy and safe. He said the police arrived and did an excellent job of assisting in the incident. He added that people just want to hang out in old Chelsea, have a good time, drink some good coffee, and maybe enjoy a good beer.

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