8 Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas for under $100

8 Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies for Under $100 a Month

There are several strategies you can try to get customers in the door of your coffee shop. We’re going to talk about a few that have worked for us.

1. Instagram Hashtags – Make Your Own and Dominate Other Local Hashtags Related to Your Business

2. Reward Social Media Interactions – Take advantage of social media influencers who are already followers of your brand!

3. Proximity Marketing Device – Push Notifications to Android phones within 100 yards.

4. Marketing on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram Ads)

5. Sign-up form that collects email (or Facebook) addresses as well as marketing data.

6. Sidewalk Sign

7. Backpack or Coffee Travel Box

8. Request a review, a check-in, or a post on social media. Especially when someone claims to have had a fantastic time! Ask! Or offer in order to receive a discount or a promotional offer!

#3 – I got rid of the proximity sensor. It was amazing for a season, but not anymore.