Behind The Scenes Of a $24,000 a Month Coffee Shop Business


For many people, owning a coffee shop is a dream come true, but it may be a significant financial investment. For entrepreneurs who are passionate about operating a coffee shop, a drive-thru coffee shop business is an ideal alternative, with cheaper start-up expenses and huge profit potential.

Sandy Edin, proprietor of Shots 2 Go coffee store, is our guest today. When she bought it in 2010, the stand was in bad shape. She turned Shots 2 Go into a successful coffee shop using her expertise as a barista and café manager, and she’ll explain the tactics she utilized in this interview.

Even if you have a lot of industry expertise, starting a coffee business from scratch can be scary. Sandy saved a lot of time and effort by purchasing one that was already up and running. She was able to start making money sooner.

We’ll hear from Sandy about why she decided to buy her coffee business, as well as her tips on how to create a coffee shop, such as what equipment you’ll need and how much money you’ll need up front.

Any new business’s success hinges on its ability to attract clients. We will learn about Sandy’s marketing techniques for keeping Shots 2 Go relevant, especially during sluggish times, in order to maintain her business’s competitiveness.

Anyone considering opening a coffee shop will learn a lot from watching this video!

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