Black Coffee Northwest: SCC Foundation’s Distinguished Community Service Award Winner 2021

We knew we liked two things. We like coffee, and we like community. And we had to figure a way to put those two things together and make it work. And this is how Black Coffee Northwest came to be.

Black Coffee Northwest is a locally owned and operated coffee shop and community hub in Shoreline, Washington. They offer internships and are beginning a youth development center. The owners of Black Coffee Northwest have a long history of working to build community.

“We wanted to make a coffee shop that people can come in and instantly feel welcome. And we didn’t even know exactly what that meant, but we knew what it wanted– we want it to feel right.”

In their cafe, not far from Shoreline Community College on Aurora Avenue, they serve their own black coffee, secret recipe roasted potatoes scones. Every Saturday, they offer a marketplace in their lobby where other Black-owned businesses can showcase their wares.

They also offer both barista and social justice internships to local youth of color where they learn a host of skills to help them succeed.

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