Customers Held Down Offender Who Injured Employee At Peet’s Coffee In South Loop

Chicago – A man was arrested after injuring an employee at Peet’s Coffee shop in the South Loop Wednesday morning.

Captured on camera, customers pinned down a suspect, after a violent attack in a South Loop coffee shop.

The man was banging on the window, then he just walked in and took the tip jar. A video was shot by a witness. Four men tried to hold down a man who just attacked a worker at Peet’s Coffee in the South Loop. Police say the man, held down by customers, had stolen the tip jar.

A description was given – a male, white, brown hair, mid 30s….appeared to be on narcotics.

When an employee tried to stop him, the man broke the tip jar on the employees head. The coffee shop worker was taken from the scene, in good condition and brought to
Northwestern for treatment.

A witness told reporters that she starts her day at this location every morning. It was closed. Instead of customers inside the coffee shop, there was a Chicago police detective talking to employees about what happened.

Police arrested the man that had been held down by customers until they arrived. His face is not shown, because he is undergoing a mental health evaluation at Northwestern.

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