Greenville High School Opens Coffee Shop

Principal Jamie Howard in his 3rd year at Greenville High School was approached by special education teachers with a vision to open a coffee shop and allow their students to run the day-to-day operation. After hearing their business plan, hearing how passionate they were about this space for these students, and discussing how we can not only include their students, but the entire student body, Principal Howard was all in. This video gives you a look at how The Thirsty Tiger Coffee Shop was born. This is a work-based program that allows students to get hands-on experience operating a business. Duties will include, but are not limited to:

Operating the cash register
Counting Money
Ordering, serving, and making the coffee
Changing the menu board
Cleaning the shop daily
Ordering the supplies
Providing Great Customer Service

All students will have the opportunity to do classwork remotely while enjoying a beverage, doughnuts, and other items made by culinary students. These students get access to the coffee shop by displaying good character, coming to school daily, and showing academic growth each reporting period. Future activities planned for the coffee shop are but are not limited to:

Showcasing jazz band students
Parent Advisory Board Meetings
Hosting College Recruiters
Poetry Readings

The possibilities are endless for The Thirsty Tiger. Thank you to everyone for supporting our school and students.

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