How to Grind Your Own Coffee Beans


What is the best way to grind coffee beans? There are several ways to grind coffee beans, but not all of them are equal. Follow the guide below, or in the video, for tips on how to get your hands on the best ground coffee around!

Do I need a Coffee Grinder?

If you use whole bean coffee frequently or plan on doing so, then a grinder is highly recommended. In some ways, air is a coffee drinker’s worst enemy. When coffee grinds are on grocery shelves, they are vacuum sealed to preserve their freshness, but when the seal is broken, it’s game over, and they begin to lose flavor quickly.

Purchasing whole coffee beans and grinding them yourself is an excellent approach to ensure that your coffee retains its flavor. However, do you know how to correctly grind your coffee beans?

Each type of coffee requires a different grind. So, if you want to produce the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee possible, you’ll need to learn how to use your coffee grinder properly.

Coarse Grinds

You’ll need a coarser grind if you’re using a percolator, a Moka pot, or a French Press coffee maker to create your coffee. A coarse grind is best suited for brewers that use pressure to brew the coffee. A French press works by steeping the grounds in water at the bottom of the carafe and then pressing down a plunger. The Moka pot also uses high-pressure steam to force water through the grounds and create a rich, full-bodied coffee. A percolator works by using indirect heat to brew the coffee after it has boiled in a water reservoir.

How to Make a Course Grind

Place the coffee beans in your coffee grinder and pulse it a few times, just like you would with a food processor’s pulse option. The idea is to break up the beans into small bits that resemble coffee beans. If they appear to be powdered, slowly back away from the coffee grinder and begin again. It’s important to remember to tap the button rather than holding it down.

Medium Grinds

Medium grinds work well in automatic drip coffee makers. Consider the grinds you’d find in a can of store-bought coffee. The grinds of supermarket coffee are medium. They are similar in size to brown sand. So think back to the last time you went to the beach, but instead of sand on the beach, imagine coffee ground to the size of sand in your coffee maker.

Ground Coffee Beans

How to Make a Medium Grind

Place your coffee beans in your grinder and press down on the button for one continuous burst. It should take bursts of no more than 5 seconds or so to finish grinding all of your beans. Again, don’t get carried away and over-grind your coffee beans while holding the coffee grinder button. If you’re using an automatic coffee maker, you don’t want a fine powder.

Fine Grinds

Finally, you want those fine powdery grinds that you’ve been trying to avoid when preparing coarse and medium grinds if you’re using an espresso maker. Coffee shops typically use the finest coffee grinds to make espresso. Fine ground coffee can also be used to make Turkish coffee, which requires extra finely ground beans that are boiled and then filtered through a very fine mesh.

How to Make a Fine Grind

When making a fine grind with your grinder, it’s best to pulse the button over and over rather than holding it down and waiting until all the beans have been finely ground. So keep grinding till you’re satisfied.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to grind your own coffee beans shortly before brewing ensures that you will get the freshest cup of coffee possible. It’s crucial to know how to grind your coffee beans if you want to make wonderful coffee.

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