Kevin Costner Brews Up a Storm with New Coffee Line

Kevin Costner's Coffee

Fans of Kevin Costner can now enjoy a taste of the actor’s personal style in their morning brew. The “Yellowstone” star has teamed up with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to launch his own line of coffee blends, bringing a touch of Hollywood to the breakfast table.

Introducing Horizon: A Western-Inspired Blend

Costner’s inaugural coffee blend, named Horizon, is described as a bold and smoky dark roast, evoking the spirit of the American West. Set to hit the online shelves on the Keurig website this December and retail stores in January 2024, Horizon promises a robust flavor profile for a truly invigorating start to the day.

Commitment to Community

In a move that goes beyond just coffee, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is contributing $100,000 to Root Capital. This non-profit focuses on supporting rural, agricultural communities, aligning with the collaborative ethos of Costner and the coffee company’s initiative.

A Personal Touch

According to the announcement, Costner was deeply involved in the creation process, experimenting with various flavors to perfect a blend that matches his own layered and complex taste. The result is a coffee that’s not only bold and balanced but also a perfect base for Costner’s preferred caffe mocha.

Sustainable Sipping

The partnership between the Hollywood icon and the esteemed coffee roasters is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainable agriculture and support for farming communities. Costner expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to combine his passion with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ dedication to responsible sourcing and exceptional coffee quality.

More to Come

With the Horizon blend just the beginning, Costner hints at more exciting developments in store for coffee aficionados and fans alike. The collaboration between the actor and the coffee brand seems poised to deliver not just quality brews but also a positive impact on the communities they source from.

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