Whataburger Heats Up the Beverage Battle with New Iced Coffee Option

Whataburger Offers Iced Coffee

San Antonio’s Whataburger, the beloved burger joint, has been the subject of whispers among fast food aficionados on Reddit. Discussions of a new mystery beverage began over 11 months ago, with another hint popping up four months later. These whispers have turned into reality, as the chain finally rolls out an anticipated menu addition.

Morning Fix or Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Whether you’re grabbing a breakfast burger or need an afternoon caffeine boost, this Whataburger has you covered. Their new iced coffee is here to complement any meal, though they’ve kept it hush-hush on social media and their website. But make no mistake – the drive-thru menus are now proudly displaying this cool new option.

Customizable Caffeine Hits

Catering to the varied palates of coffee lovers, Whataburger is serving up their iced coffee in both 16- and 20-ounce sizes, with a choice of black or creamed, and a trio of flavors to boot. Vanilla, mocha, or caramel – the same syrups that sweeten their hot coffee – are now ready to jazz up your cold brew.

Whataburger’s Strategic Sip

The timing of this launch is no coincidence. Coming off the heels of the first National Whataburger Day in August, marking their 73rd year, the classic chain is upping its game. With its roots tracing back to 1950 and a 2009 HQ shift to San Antonio, Whataburger is positioning itself as a serious player in the beverage market, akin to McDonald’s own McCafe evolution.

Iced Coffee Craze Climbs

The surge in iced coffee’s popularity isn’t just a trend – it’s a movement. Data from CivicScience reveals a staggering 85% of adults are coffee drinkers, with a significant leap in those favoring iced variations. Since 2021, the percentage preferring a chilled coffee experience has jumped to 27% in 2023, proving Whataburger’s latest move is right on the money.

featured image: mysanantonio.com

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