Employee Throws Hot Coffee in Customer’s Face

It was a case of name-calling that escalated into violence. Body cam footage shows an officer investigating an incident at a Southgate Tim Horton’s.

In an incident at a Tim Horton’s on North Line Road, Dusty Jackson of Lincoln Park was covered in coffee. The video shows a 16-year-old employee, throwing the coffee right into Jackson’s face at the drive-thru.

The customer asked for doughnuts that were pre-made and asked if she could have them before she paid or received her coffee. The 16-year-old employee said no and slammed the window shut. Jackson turned to her boyfriend and called the employee the b-word. The employee opened the drive-thru window and threw scorching hot coffee in Jackson’s face.

An assault investigation was opened, and the customer plans to press charges. She suffered burns and is suing Tim Horton’s.

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